About Nunnaba

Hello, and welcome to Nunnaba.

Let me introduce myself – my name is Jenna, I live with my husband and four kidlets in rural NSW, where I spend every spare moment I can find dyeing yarn
. I trained as a primary school teacher, but whilst on maternity leave with my second kidlet, I fell in love with yarn. It has been an ongoing journey of experimentation, refinement and play – and it has all culminated in Nunnaba Artisan Yarn.

The name ‘Nunnaba’ (nun-ah-bah) is a bit of an odd one I know, but it has a special meaning within our family. When our second was born, we were living in Wongai country in outback W.A and working in an Indigenous school. I took him to school with me each day and the kids would gush over him saying “Aww! Nunnaba!!”, which basically means ‘little’ and ‘cute’ in Wongai language. Although there is not much that is little and cute about Nunnaba Artisan Yarn, the name retains its special meaning to us and reminds me of some wonderful, truly amazing young people, that I taught in the outback. Hopefully, in years to come, you will have equally wonderful and amazing memories of the creations you have made with Nunnaba Artisan Yarns.

About the gradients- 

 Nunnaba gradients are a little bit different to those you may be used too. Rather than transitioning in stripes, or ombre patterns, the gradients I dye have a slightly dappled look which gives so much character and interest to the final piece that you create. This interesting effect was, at first, a happy accident, but I have now refined it to become the signature of Nunnaba Artisan Yarns

About the Yarn

Nunnaba Artisan Yarns are spun exclusively from White Gum Wool – a superfine merino that is ethically and sustainably farmed in Tasmania. It is a luxury yarn base that comes from very happy sheep. If you haven’t read Nan’s story before, or have never heard of White Gum Wool, you really must head over to White Gum Wool‘s website, where you can learn a little more about the process behind this exquisite yarn.
About the order process- 
Unless otherwise stated, you are buying a pre-order yarn. This means that you pay upfront for a yarn which is then dyed in a batch of orders of the same colour way. Working in batches results in efficient use of dyes, water and electricity, and makes the process more environmentally sustainable. It is important to me that I give my full attention to your order and I can do this most effectively when working on one colour way at a time, checking that the process results in beautiful yarn to delight your senses.
What happens once you place your order?
Once the required White Gum Wool arrives from the happy sheep in Tasmania, I begin prepping the gradients, organising the undyed yarn, and spreading wool out into as much space as the family will allow. Next comes the dyeing time, when I dye according to what has been ordered. The dyed wool then needs time to ‘cook’ in order for the colour to set. I then rinse the wool and hang it out to dry. Depending on the weather, the drying can take anywhere from one to four days. Once the dyed wool is dry it is wound into a centre pull ball (for gradients) or re-skiened (for semi solids). Finally I get to label, package, and post. As you can see, it isn’t a quick process, but artisan products made with skill, care, and love, are worth the wait. 
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