How to Order

Nunnaba yarns are dyed to order in set preorder colours that change with the seasons. Each week the orders are collated and the dyeing begins- meaning Nunnaba is now available for preorder at all times, not just once a month. 

Once you are ready to order you can choose from the following dyeing styles-

Gradient- long colour changes from one end of the yarn to the other. In the above example, it would start with the white in the centre, then after approximately 1/4 of the yarn it would transition into the dusty grey. After another 1/4 it would begin to transition into the cool, dusty pale brown and then the final 1/4 would be the soft beige pink. These are all very approximate lengths and will all transition in a dappled, mottled pattern in a way that is completely unique to each yarn.

Semi-solid- a co-ordinating semi-solid yarn that is dyed to match the outer colour of the gradient. These have the same subtle shifts in hues that are found in each of the colours in the gradients, but are just the one main colour. Each yarn is dyed individually, so have are likely to have very slight differences between them. To ensure there is no noticeable changes when you move from one skein to the next, it is recommended that you alternate skeins every few rows as a precaution, however this is not always necessary.

Long gradient- the same as the regular gradient, but spread over 2 or more skeins (each skein is always 100g). For example, the photo shows a 3x long gradient on the bottom, a 2x long gradient in the middle and a regular gradient on top. If you want your gradient spread over a longer yarn, this is the way to go. Please note though that you must select “Long Gradient” and more that one quantity on the drop down menu if you want it spread over 2 or more skeins. If you select “Gradient” and more than 2 quantities, they will be dyed as multiple, separate, 100g regular gradients.  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Mini-gradients- two 50g gradients. These are often used for socks or mittens, but can be used for anything you would like.

Yarn bases

All Nunnaba yarns are hand-dyed on White Gum Wool- a luxurious, sustainably farmed, 17 micron merino from Tasmania, Australia. They are available in the following weights-

4-ply (fingering weight) 100 g: 472 m

8-ply (double knit) 100 g: 236 m

12ply (bulky boucle) 100g: 154m

4ply sock yarn 80% WGW/20% Nylon 100g: 472m

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via the contact page or email me at
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